Are there medications that can help improve learning disabilities?

Yes and No. The DX of a learning disability implies a child is not able to process information in a certain area at the level expected of their intellegence. This implies a kids brain is wired differently & may or may not improve in the area. About 40% of add kids have an ld & treatment of the add may permit the child to focus more thinking time on a problem and do better. I know of no meds that fix an ld.
Not really. No available medications have been shown to improve any form of learning disability. On the other hand, if you also have adhd, effective treatment of that may make it easier to do the hard work necessary to overcome the learning disability.
None proven. there are no specific medications treating LD. However, there is some evidence that medications such as Amantadine and Memantine may improve language skills and memory. The most important interventions are educational supports. ADHD is not a learning disability, but treating it may improve academic success.