Are there any good medications used commonly to help with ptsd associated with sexual abuse?

Yes. Prazosin can be very effective for nightmares and for hyperarousal if combat-related. Ssri's help "modify information taken in" more appropriately and help extinguish fear reaction. Also helps anxiety, depression, panic, aggression, and suicidal thoughts. These appear to work better for non-combat-ralted trauma. Any associated medical or emotional problem should be aggressively treated with med.
Maybe. Medications that help ptsd in general will help it regardless of the cause of the trauma. Sexual trauma requires a good deal of additional psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy in many sufferers.
OCD. I would say medication effectiveness has little if anything to do with the specific source of trauma, per se. I would submit that medication, at its best, takes the edge off symptoms. The real grunt work takes place in psychotherapy.

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Been diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder, hesitant to say that problems started after sexual abuse. Can ptsd and anxiety ever be confused?

Anxiety disorders. Ptsd actually is an anxiety disorder. Currently identified anxiety disorders include: ptsd, general anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorders, phobias, social phobia and impulse disorders. Other illnesses like depression can have anxious features.
PTSD. Ptsd is a type of anxiety disorder -- a major category of illnesses that also includes panic d/o, ocd, social anxiety d/o, generalized anxiety disorder, and anxiety d/o nos (not otherwise specified), etc. Sometimes it can take time to differentiate a precise diagnosis, but anxiety would be present in all disorders in this group.

I've been experiencing memory loss from the past few years that I think is due to rape as well as sexual abuse. I just can't remember things. Ptsd?

Possibly. In ptsd, it's possible to focus so much on potential danger that you don't register other information -- & then can't recall it later. I'm sorry you've had these traumatic experiences, yet recovery is also possible. Please get an evaluation from a skilled psychiatrist first. S/he will review all your symptoms with you, check for other causes of memory disturbance, & recommend next steps.
PTSD. So very sorry to hear that you had to endure such abuse, and yes it does sound like ptsd. Please consult a clinical psychologist who can help you overcome your fears and help you move past the tragedies you experienced. You can likely be helped and it is too much to cope with alone. I wish you the best.
Big picture first. There is a "pop" school of non-evidence-based therapy that teaches that people with emotional difficulties have been subjected to terrible and often bizarre abuse that they have subsequently forgotten. The truth is that when there is corroborating evidence (for example, dad kills mom in view of the kids), the kids remember. Impaired memory needs a neurologist's evaluation first.

Please suggest a positive (work?)book to help: born w/adhd, years of physical/emotion/sexual abuse by parent, now has c ptsd, bipolar 2, & borderline.

Possibility. This sounds like an extremely complex situation that would benefit more from working individually with an experienced psychologist or psychiatrist. However, the mind-body workbook for ptsd by block (s) may be a nice accompaniment to your own more individualized therapy. Good luck to you.
The Courage to. Heal is a book that can help you alongside psychotherapy and support groups for survivors of sexual a use. It will take time to read and work on these issues, take your time and consult with your therapist as you work on these difficult issues.

I've got bpd. And bipolar 1, and ptsd, and body dysmorphic disorder. On lithium, but I'm a mess. Paranoid, I need help. Sexual abuse from 5-11 yrs?

Therapy ; meds. Sounds like you need therapy with someone who works with bpd ; also someone following your meds with your background you likely have trust ; control issues. ; expect negative outcomes--need to try to keep these from getting in the way of your treatment helps to have friends and or family you trust who can give you ferdback.