My husband and I are both carriers of sickle cell anemia. What are our chances of our children exhibiting this disease?

25% If both of you have sickle cell trait then each of you has one normal beta hemoglobin gene (a) and one with the sickle cell mutation (s). Your children will inherit one beta globin gene from each of you for a total of two. Therefore for each child that you have, there is a 25% chance of sickle cell disease (ss), a 50% chance sickle cell trait (as), and 25% chance of normal hemoglobin (aa).
Depends on genes. Two carrier parents have a 1/4 risk with each pregnancy of having a baby with a full blown sickle cell disorder. They have a 1/2 risk with each pregnancy of passing the carrier state, & a 1/4 chance that the baby would have neither. Many states test for sickle cell in their newborn screening programs so these kids can be identified early& precautions taken.