I have g6pd and my doctor said that I should have an outbreak like I did when I was a child. Is this true?

G6PD. G6PD occurs when a person is born missing an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, which helps red blood cells work properly. Too little G6PD leads to the destruction of red blood cells. When this process is actively occurring, it is called a hemolytic episode. RBC destruction can be triggered by infections, stress, certain foods/medicines. For info/food list: www. G6pddeficiency. Org.
Risks matter. The risks of having problems with g6pd increase with certain medications and fava beans. Be sure any provider who prescribes a medication to you and your pharmacist are aware of your g6pd so they can avoid giving you any prescription or over the counter medicines or supplements that might induce blood cells to break.