Expecting a child with sickle cell. Need help and support!?

Support Networks. Jane, one of the best things you can do is to explore the resources available to you, so thank you for asking! many states and regions in the U.S. Have organized sickle cell groups that help educate and support sickle cell patients and their families. Of course, also ask your baby's future doctor. Try this national group as a stepping stone: http://www.Sicklecelldisease.Org/index.Cfm?Page=chapters.
Sickle cell. There is no need to worry now. Once the baby is born, tests will determine if sickle cell disease is present or just trait. Even if disease is present, babies do not get sick from the sickle cell right away and some never get sick from it. Best thing to do is to go to the closest medical center that has a pediatric hematologist, you can meet with them now to learn how to keep your baby healthy!