How long before sickle cell disease can be tested for after the newborn screen?

Soon! All states and the district of columbia screen for sickle cell disease as part of the newborn screen. The testing is very accurate and really doesn't need to be repeated if it is normal. If it is abnormal and confirmatory testing is desired it can an should be done promptly so appropriate treatment can be started as soon as possible.
It is in the screen. Many states include testing for the sickle cell gene as part of newborn screening . It has ben part of my states screen for at least the last ten years. Results are usually available by the two week visit. A secont test is comonly run at that point for the whole newborn pannel, and can confirm the initial results.
Its in the screen. At least in my state sickle cell is tested in the newborn screening program. The presense of trait is more common than sickle cell disease both are detected.My results are generally back by the time i see kids back at 2 wks. Trait does not change to disease and sickle cell disease does not revert to trait.
If initial newborn. screen is positive, then the test is repeated. If that test is abnormal then a more specific confirmatory test is performed around 6 weeks. You have to wait because the child's body has different types of hemoglobin at different times. You have to wait until the levels of fetal hemoglobin have decreased and the different types of hemoglobin can be compared.

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How soon can sickle cell disease be tested for after the newborn is born?

In nursery. Hemoglobin screening is part of the 'state screen' done on all hospital-born newborns prior to discharge from the nursery. It generally takes about 2 weeks to get the results back and are sent to the baby's doctor of record. Read more...
Sickle cell testing. In the United States, all states mandate testing for sickle cell anemia as part of their newborn screening programs. The test uses blood from the same blood samples used for other routine newborn screening tests. The test can show whether a newborn infant has sickle hemoglobin (from http://www.Nhlbi.Nih.Gov/health/health-topics/topics/sca/diagnosis.Html). Read more...