How many children are born with sickle cell disease a year?

US: 1 in 625 births. The prevalence of sickle cell disease in the us is approximately 1 in 625 live births.
Depends on ethnicity. Approximately 1 of every 5000 births is affected by sickle cell disease, but it is 1 out of 500 for infants of african-american background.

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How many children are born with sickle cell disease each year?

Aproximately 1600. The sickle cell gene is carried without symptoms in 1/12 african americans. The estimated ss birth rate is 1600 according to the georgia comprehensive sickle cell center at emory university in atlanta.
Estimates. The exact #s are not known. In the usa according to the cdc estimates for the incidence of sickle cell disease are that 90-100, 000 americans are affected with scd. 1 out of 500 african-american births and 1 in 12 african americans carry the sickle cell trait.

What are the odds of children born with sickle cell disease living to a ripe old age?

Good. With comprehensive sickle cell care, including newborn screening for the disease, childhood penicillin prophylaxis and receipt of new conjugated vaccines to decrease early death from infection, and ongoing screening for increased risk of stroke in childhood with resulting intervention to decrease risk of stroke, it is unusual for a child to die of sickle cell disease today.

What happens if my baby is born with sickle cell disease?

Needs special care. Baby w/ sickle cell disease needs special attention, so work closely with your pediatrician and pediatric hematologist (blood disease specialist). Your baby need daily medications (vitamins, antibiotic). You need to learn to spot signs and symptoms of sickle cell crisis. Your infant should get all routine childhood vaccines because he/she may not be able to fight infections well.

Can men with sickle cell disease have children?

Yes. Yes, it's possible, though many men with sickle cell have problems with infertility.
Sickle cell. Sickle cell disease is common in african american population. Die to repeated sickle cell crisis they have less chance of having children, but they still can.

Could men with sickle cell disease have children?

Yes. Men with sickle cell disease can have children (many do). The main infertility with issue for men with sickle cell disease is due to erectile dysfunction.

Can people with sickle cell disease have children?

YES. Be sure to let your obstetrician know you have sickle cell so you can be managed correctly.

Can men with sickle cell disease have healthy children?

Yes. The children are likely to be healthy as long as the children's mother doesn't have sickle cell trait, some other abnormal hemoglobin trait or a thalassemia. An expectant couple with one partner with sickle cell anemia should see a genetic counselor and have the partner tested for hemoglobinopathies and thallasemias prior to conception.
Yes. Sickle cell disease must be inherited from both parents. So it depends on the mother of the child. If she has sickle cell - all of your children will have sickle cell. If she has sickle cell trait - there is a 50% chance your children will have sickle cell disease, and a 50% chance of your children having sickle cell trait. If she has no sickle cell - your children will have sickle cell trait.