Does g6pd enzyme deficiency go away?

No. G6pd deficiency is a genetic disorder that is passed down on the x chromosome. A person who has this diagnosis cannot get rid of it. However, the enzyme levels can fluctuate in people and certain illnesses, exposures, and stresses can make the symptoms of the disease appear when these enzyme levels drop low. So you may not have symptoms of the disease, even though you still have the diagnosis.
No. By definition, one with g6pd enzyme deficiency has altered genetic information that programs the cells of the body for the enzyme. It will not go away. Knowledge of the defect should be shared wuth your health care providers during health care decisions. Certain medications should be avoided by pts.
NO. No- it does not go away because Its an inherited enzyme deficiency, but you can do things to avoid its severity such as avoiding fava beans. and certain drugs- chloramphenicol for example. There are other foods and drugs as well, but not enough room here to list them all. I suggest you become familiar with them.
No. G6pd deficiency is the result of a genetic mutation involvong the x chromosome. Thus someone with g6pd will have the mutation for life. However, some people find that they have less hemolysis/ fewer symptoms as they age.