Do both parents have to have the actual sickle cell trait in order for the child to have sickle disease sc?

One has S/One has C. Parents have 2 genes at a given gene location in their dna. They have a carrier state if one gene is normal and one abnormal.In sickle trait the pair is sn, in c trait the pair is cn. For a child to have sc (sickle c) they get the s from one and the c from the other. If one parent is sc and the other sn(sickle trait), you could have ss, sn or sc.
No Only One. One with the hb s trait, the other with hb c. Hb c has very few symptoms in the absence of the hb s gene. Hb sc patients are more symptomatic than the hb c disease patients as the presence of the s trait gene worsens the effect of the usually mild hb c gene causing disease..