What are some alternative therapies for common pregnancy symptoms?

Alternatives. For nausea, drink fluids separately from when you eat solids. Sea bands can be used on the wrist accupressure point to treat nausea. Sour things like lemonade often are easier to drink. For constipation, increase the fiber in your diet and/or eat prunes. For swelling in the legs, elevate your feet as much as possible and consider support hose. For breast tenderness, get fitted for a new bra.
Snack often, . . . Eating small, frequent meals or snacks is another means of avoiding nausea in pregnancy. If you are early in your pregnancy, starting an exercise routine (such as gentle swimming) now is a good idea; you can continue on into your 3rd trimester and help alleviate low back pain, leg swelling, and round ligament pain.
Treat Nausia in Preg. The commonest pregnancy related symptoms are nausea and vomiting especially in the first trimester. Benedictine has long been taken off the market, but you can still take it's components. The commonest ingredients were the vitamin b complex. Currently you can purchase OTC (over the counter) anti nausea lollypops which contain vitamin b. A homeopathic remedy that frequently helps is ginger.
Aromatherapy? Sorry. We know little about aromatherapy risk in pregnancy https://www.Healthtap.Com/user_questions/4322 till we know more it is best for women who think or know they are pregnant to be on the safe side and read labels, avoid use of unproven or unknown substances, ask an OB provider or check toxicology/teratogen databases for more information. Healthfinder, pubmed, cdc.Gov sites have some information too.
Some in your kitchen. Even ginger is one. But many OB providers don't recommend them because they lack evidence of the effectiveness of many alternative therapies. Likewise they lack definite proof of even many time-honored treatments, and it is unlikely the pharmaceutical or alt health communities will spend money on studies to prove efficacy of time-honored botanicals or "medical foods". I'll post info when available.
Nausea. Nausea is a very common symptom. Eat small, frequent meals. Do not let yourself feel hungry. Ginger, anise, fennel, and oregano are good for nausea.
B6 and Doxylamine. Besides "grazing" on small amounts of food throughout the day, ginger, or using sea bands; the combination of doxylamine (an antihistamine) and vitamin B6 can be helpful at reducing nausea of pregnancy. If this fails there are prescription medications that area safe and helpful.