What can you do to help with the motor development problems that occur after hie?

OT, PT, family, too. Occupational therapy (ot) generally deals with fine motor or upper extremity (arm, forearm, hand) plus many daily living activities. Physical therapy (pt) usually involves walking, moving, gross motor activities. Both are important to do at the therapy centers. Of great value is training for families and teachers so the activities can be continued and reinforced in the real-world settings.
Physical therapy. Enrilling the baby as soon as possible in intensive physical therapy might help to improve the chances of better outcome on the motor aspect of child development.
Most NICU's refer. Infants with hie to the state early intervention program for assessment & needed therapies. Such services are mandated by the public law idea part c for all infants 0-3 who are at risk for developmental delays. Learn from these experts how to improve both quality of movement & attainment of milestones. Language, cognitive & social/adaptive developmental issues will be addressed, as well.