If the doctors say that my daughter has bronchopulmonary dysplasia, how long will she need to have supplemental o2?

Varies. It is difficult to reliably predict how long your child will require oxygen therapy if diagnosed with bpd. This depends upon the severity of the bpd and your child's ability to recover over time. Growth is one factor that will afford your baby the potential to recover with time. Some children require oxygen for short periods of time (weeks and months) and others long periods of time (years).
Depends on baby. Bpd is a condition where the delicate lung air sacs are thickened & don't let oxygen pass into the body as easily. Over time the baby will repair and regrow the air sacs & as the walls thin the oxygen moves thru easier. Supplemental oxygen assures enough oxygen is available to sustain baby.During followup visits they test to determine when baby can do without the extra. Each baby is different.

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2 yr old w/ history of chronic lung disease (bronchopulmonary dysplasia), recently d/c supplemental O2. Is it safe to travel to high altitudes?

Keep the oxygen. How high are you going? Whether to bring the oxygen is a question for the pulmonoogist. These kids are in some danger both from hypoxia and from blood vessels in lungs constructing at lower oxygen tensions. Read more...