Is it safe to take diabetic vitamins while pregnant?

Yes. If by diabetic vitamins you mean sugar-free than yes it is safe to take while pregnant.
No evidence of risk. A report in int j fertil. 1985;30(1):85-7 reports that there is no evidence that artificial sweeteners harm a fetus. Some of these do not even cross the placenta (aspartame) the report can be easily found on pubmed and you can read it in full but there might be more risk from dyes and fillers than the sweeteners. Discuss with your obstetrician if really concerned.
Diabetic? Never heard of a "diabetic" vitamin. Recommend good diabetic control and take a good prenatal vitamin designed for pregnancy. No other"vitamins" recommended unless you have a specific deficiency.

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Is it safe to take flax seed oil vitamins while pregnant and a diabetic?

Unclear. Herbals like flax seed oil are not regulated by the fda and while some people take this for heart health, it may also provide a large dose of vitamin a to the point of toxicity. You are better offer eating food with flax seed and taking a good prenatal vitamin. Read more...