How long is my son's hospital stay likely to be if he had hypoxemic ischemic encephalopathy?

Variable. Your baby will need to pass several milestones before discharge. The doctor will want baby to be stable in mutlple areas, breathing, feeding, gaining weight, etc.
HIE. It depends on the age. The premature baby is likely to stay in the hospital for weeks due to the other problems these babies have. After a cardiac arrest or near drowning, several days to few weeks.

Related Questions

Does hypoxemic ischemic encephalopathy happen more in males than females?

No. The hie is similar to choking enough to stop breathing for an extended period & get brain damage. Sex doesn't matter, the triggering stress is an equal factor. If blood flow to brain is interrupted or oxygen is unable to enter the blood, the injury can occur. This could be true knots in the umbilical cord, a cord wrapped around the neck or trapped in a clenched fist, stress at or before birth etc.
Same. Hypoxic ischemic encehalopathy (hie) occurs equally in males and females. It is caused form lack of oxygen to the baby just prior or during delivery.

How is hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy treated?

Hearing loss. Theoretically, hypoxia can affect any part of the brain, hence it is possible for auditory cortex be involved causing deafness. Not sure how often it occurs.

What can be done for hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy?

Hypoxia encephalopat. Symptoms of hypoxia encephalopathy are altered mental status, agitation, sleep disturbance, confusion, and even seizures. Medications may control these symptoms. Other supportive measures as needed. Usually it is a total care.

What are the causes of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy?

Lack of oxygen/blood. Hypoxic-ischemic encepahalopathy is caused by a lack of oxygen and blood flow. This can occur around the time of birth, for example, from compression of the umbilical cord, or throughout life for example from cardiac arrest.

I have been suffering from hie (hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy)for the past3&1/2yrs (almost nw) coz I dn't wanna bother any1 anymo'?

Hypoxic Ischemic. Encephalopathy is diagnosed in newborn infants who have varying degrees of brain damage from perinatal asphyxia, reduced blood flow & oxygen, that occur just before or during labor & delivery. Please check your diagnosis & re-frame your question with the symptoms that impair your functioning & the specific kind of help, advice &/or resources you are seeking. Thanks.

What is medication treatment of ischemic encephalopathy for adults? Men 54 years old is sick for 20 years. Dizziness, tremor, headages, weakness.

Encephalopathy. Ischemia is tissue damage from poor blood flow. If blood flow cannot be restored by stenting a blocked vessel, then usually we focus on managing cholesterol, blood pressure and other conditions which damage blood vessels like diabetes and smoking. A neurology consultation is needed.