Can you have omphaloceles in other places beside the belly?

Definitions matter. Omphalos= umbilical cord Coel= cavity The word means there is a cavity within the umbilical cord. The word is a combination of 2 root words and is applied to a situation where abdominal contents are abnormally present within the cord, at its base as it attached to the baby's body.Since the umbilical cord is only found in one site, that's the only place you can have one.
Other anomalies, yes. Omphalocele is an anterior wall defect, like a herniation. In over half the cases, there are other anomalies including chromosome abnormalities. Ultrasound suggesting omphalocele should be repeated by the most expert physician in the area. If it is confirmed, genetic counselling and/or consult + us scan by maternal-fetal medicine specialist are also recommended. It's best if the visits occur asap.
No. An omphalocele is a defect in the development of muscles of the abdominal wall causing some of the internal organs to be herniated into the base of umbilical cord. The sac is covered with peritoneum without overlying skin. Associated anomalies in other organs are not infrequent.