Is it safe to take aloxi while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. Yes it is safe to take. Like all medications try to avoid unless you really need them. Most of the nausea and vomitting of pregnancy resolves by 8 to 10 weeks.
Should be safe. This is considered to be a class b medication meaning fetal animal studies do not indicate a risk. In breast-feeding, it is considered an l3, which means no human studies have been done. However anecdotal information indicates no severe reactions.
Better to Avoid. It is not known if Palonosetron(Aloxi)is found in breast milk.But it is advised not to use Aloxi while Breast Feedind Also avoid Aloxi during pregnancy .You will need to discuss benefits and risks of using Aloxi during pregnancy with your Obstetrician Animal sudies with Aloxi have failed to reveal any evidence of embryo toxicity and there are no control sudies in Humans It is pregnancy category B.