Can babies have a metal plate put in for a collar bone fracture?

No. All fractures of collar bones of babies heal nicely without any surgery (within 7 to 10 days). Very rarely, an infant with brittle bone disease (viable type) may have a fracture of collar bone. I am not aware of any surgery being done in such situation.
No. Surgery is never needed for babies with clavicle fracture. They always heal well on their own.
Why ever? Newborns heal without specific therapy. The bone has a rubbery sleeve that keeps a cracked bone in place, so there is no need for external devices to align it. If an older infant whose break was in a crash with true overriding bones. Just keeping the shoulders back with a strap will usually fix it.
Yes. A baby can have a metal plate put in for a collar bone fracture, but this would require a very rare and extremely unique set of circumstances to be indicated.

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How can you tell if your baby has a collar bone fracture?

They favor that side. Babies are small and broken bones are hard to detect. A baby will avoid moving that arm and will fuss if you touch that area or lay then at that side. Fortunately these injuries heal quickly and usually without permanent problems. If you suspect that your baby or child has an injury, they should be properly evaluated by a trained health care provider. This evaluation may include an x-ray.
Check with your Peds. By physical examination in any pediatric office. The good part though is that no treatment required.

What is the definition or description of: Baby collar bone fracture?

Clavicle fracture. Clavicle fractures can occur from a fall onto an outstretched arm or from direct trauma to the area. They can also occur in babies during childbirth.

What is done for a collar bone fracture?

Most of them will. Heal. Historically, clavicle fractures have been considered best treated nonoperatively, with good outcomes. Management typically included the use of either a shoulder sling or a figure-of-eight brace. The vast majority of these fractures healed, with variable amounts of cosmetic deformity.

Will a collar bone fracture ever heal on its own?

Yes. The clavicle (collar bone) will usually heal quite readily unless some soft tissue got caught inbetween the ends of the bone at the time of the injury. If a fracture is still sore after 3 months, it may mean that it has not united like it should. Ask your doctor about a bone growth stimulator or surgery.
Yes. Collar bone fracture usually heals on its own. Most of the time.

What precaution should I take when I have a collar bone fracture?

Sling. Follow your orthopedists advice. Usually these fractures are treated in a sling. They need monitoring with x-rays to ensure proper healing.

Collar bone fracture at birth. How did it heal?

Fast. New borns heal this type of fx very rapidly. Within 7-10 days should no longer be painful. Complete healing will take a few weeks but once it stops hurting no further attention is necessary.

Is my toddler's collar bone fracture from birth healed?

Yes. The fracture would of healed in about 4 weeks.
Sure. This kind of fracture takes a couple months to heal. It has been healed for a long time! It is possible to feel a " bump" where the break was. If he has an xray in the future you may be able to see a little healed area in the bone.

When can I join gym after collar bone fracture?

Clavicle fracture. Your break should be well healed by now. I would encourage you to strengthen the muscles about the shoulder blade and rotator cuff to help you fully recover.