Are there any potential long-term effects to having pvl for my daughter?

Yes. Periventricular leukomalacia, or pvl, occurs when cortical brain tissue (white matter) is lost. It may be associated with damage to deeper brain structures (grey matter). Since pvl means loss of brain tissue, there will be permanent effects on certain motor (movement), and occasionally cognitive (thinking) abilities, often referred to a cerebral palsy. The degree of impairment is highly variable.
PVL. In most cases, mild pvl is asymptomatic. The damage is done next to the ventricle in the white matter, carrying motor nerve fibers to the legs nearest the ventricle and arms and face furthest away. The most likely deficits range from clumsiness walking to spasticity of the legs . If the leukomalacia is extensive, upper extremities may become involved.