Will acupuncture be dangerous to my pregnancy?

No. No reason it should be. Acupuncture is just tiny needles applied to your skin. I'm not a big believer in their efficacy in the first place, but probably it is no harm no foul. They probably don't do that much positive, nor negative either.
No. There are some acupuncture points that are especially good during pregnancy. One of them has the name "beautiful baby ". There are other points that are to be avoided during pregnancy and a good acupuncturist would know that. But yes in general acupuncture can be very helpful for many problems during pregnancy , when a lot of pharmacological medications are to be avoided.
Acupuncture. Many women receive acupuncture throughout pregnancy as a way to feel balanced. I treat one woman now who will deliver soon (so that she can avoid taking anxiolytic medications). There are a few points that need to be avoided - which leaves hundreds that can still be used.