Is it safe if my acupuncture guy doesn't swab where he puts the needles? Will there be entry of bacteria?

Yes. Acupuncture needles are different from those used to draw blood or administer injections as they do not have a hollow core and are designed not to be cutting needles. As long as the acupuncture needle is not going through an open wound or frank dirt and he is using new sterile needles you should be fine.
Yes it is safe. While doctors routinely swab with alcohol before giving an injection or drawing blood, research shows it is not necessary & it is perfectly safe to puncture the skin without swabbing. Studies where the skin is not swabbed show zero incidence of infection. I still do it because patients worry if you don't, but this is not necessary in acupuncture. See http://aim.Bmj.Com/content/3/1/15.Extract.
Safe - yes. Usually, the only time that i cleanse the skin is when the needles will be going into bone. When the skin is cleansed that disrupts the electric field on the skin and can impact how successful the acupuncture is. The acupuncturist should wash hands well before and after each patient and should use sterile, single use disposable needles. The needles have small diameter and are solid .