Is it normal to experience terrible bloating after a colonic hydrotherapy session?

Colon bloating. No. This is not normal. Best rethink this therapy.
Could be. However I do not recommend this therapy. Over the years I have had to operate on too many people who ended up with damage or perforation of their colon from colonic hydrotherapy. This is a scheme with no scientific evidence of value and only thing it rids you of is your money and places you at risk of emergency surgery! please avoid colonics of any kind.

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Could colon hydrotherapy help in removing bad bacteria from the colon along with gas and bloating?

Not recommended. If you eat and drink properly, there is no need to do any colonics, cleansers or hydrotherapy. Your bowel will function the way it was designed to do, assuming you have no other GI illnesses or diagnoses. Read more...