How does acupuncture work on pain management for bad back/leg pain?

Acupuncture. It is considered a viable additional or adjunctive therapy that can help contribute to relief. Acupuncture involves placement of almost microscopic needle tips into 'meridians'. It is not painful.
Very good. If you suffer from back/ leg pain please firs check with your doctor to make sure it is not for example a tumor that is pressing on a nerve causing you the problem . If it is a case where the pain is secondary to pure inflammation and irritation of the nerve secondary to impingement by a disc , muscle spasm, heavy lifting, bad posture, exposure to cold , etc.. Then acupuncture is the way to go!
See below. Acupuncture works on back/ leg pain by reducing inflammation & by breaking through blocks in obstruction of blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, nerve conduction and chi. It also works by stimulating endorphins in our brain. It can be very beneficial.