Do osteopathic doctors practice all types of alternative medicines?

No. It honestly depends on the amount of training of the osteopathic physician and their willingness to employ different alternative medicine therapies. Some osteopathic physicians do not practice any alternative medicine. Again it depends on the D.O.'s practice and specialty and background post graduate training.
Not that often. Osteopaths in this country usually practice western medicine. Many practice osteopathic manipulation of the body (which is a difference from md's). Some elect to learn alternative or complementary medicines and others do not. Some of the doctors that attended acupuncture training with me were osteopaths. Take care.
Scope of Practice. Us osteopathic physicians have a full license to practice medicine. Their training includes additional physical medicine components as well as a holistic philosophy. Depending on the specialty training the individual doctor pursues, they may incorporate it into their practice. For instance, some osteopaths may use acupuncture or prolotherapy if they are additionally trained in those techniques.