Can you use acupuncture to treat globus hystericus, does it have anything to do to correct your qi?

Ask acupuncturists. Globus hystericus is the sensation of a ball or lump in the throat or neck. It is associated to neurosis or "nerves", or anxiety. You should ask an acupuncturist if they use it for anxiety. Make sure it is definitively globus hystericus and not something else like goiter, brachial or troglossal cyst, enlarge lymph nodes.
Qi. Acupuncture removes obstructions in qi (whether major meridians or localized lesions). Acupuncture is very effective in treating anxiety- so globus hysetricus(lump in throat) may benefit significantly. Whether it would help globus hystericus (conversion reaction) from the days of sigmund freud - is something i don't know.