Can swine flu be cured by tinospora?

Helped yes, cured??? Tinospora is an interesting compound. It has many immune stimulating properties, which is how it likely helps with swine flu. We lack safety studies on it, so be cautious in its use. It has the potential to help, but I don't know about cure. Homeopathic flu medications are also helpful. Make sure you have optimal vitamin a, d, and zinc levels as they are also essential for immune health.
Unlikely. While it seems to have some antioxidant properties, there is virtually no research on its effects in the human body.

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What are the medications preffered for swine flu? Is it 100% fatal or can be cured?

Flu. Swine flu, or any flu, is a virus. Mostly self limited but can be treated with antiviral medication if caught early.
Need for vaccination. Proper hygiene, hand wash and need to be vaccinated, can't prevent swine flu, treatment available can be serious in patients who are immunocompromised.

Is there any cure for swine flu?? Is it contagious?? What to do If someone caught it.?? How to prevent it?? What r d odds that one can die from it??

Which type? This label has been associated with both the H1N1 of 2009 and 2013-14 and another strain, H1 N5 (I think) in 2013. The H1N1 was in the vaccine for 2013-15. Vaccination or total exclusion from community contact are the primary preventive measures. Use of Tamiflu (oseltamivir) after exposure may also prevent it. We see deaths every year from flu, but the strain is often not studied.

How is swine flu dangerous?

Complications. Increases risk for pneumonia by difficult to treat organisms, with an increase in risk for ards- adult respiratory distress syndrome- which carries a high risk for complications and death.

Is the swine flu still prevalent in the us?

Swine flu. There was a major outbreak in 2009-2010. Since then there have really only been sporadic cases, so I wouid say it is not currently very prevalent. It will return however, so keep an eye on public health reports. A great set of resources for tracking flu (all types) with maps can be found at http://healthmap. Org/en/? Gclid=cjg-2l3tqlecfqxshwod4beaqw.

How are swine flu and ordinary flu different?

No differnce. No difference. They have similar symptoms and signs.
Check it out. This is the best I have seen to help differentiate: http://www. Newmilfordschools. Org/gibbs/nurse/cold_flu_swine_flu. Pdf.

How dangerous is it for a person to have swine flu?

Swine flu. Swine flu, at least as demonstrated by our last outbreak in 2009-10, had only mild-moderate effects on most adults. Those at highest risk for a severe, even fatal outcome, are infants, persons with immune deficiencies, and the very elderly. These groups should definitely be immunized. Thus, for most people, it is not very dangerous, at least with that particular strain of swine flu.

Is swine flu fatal?

Any flu.... ..Can be fatal in rare cases. Swine flu had a higher mortality in otherwise healthy individuals than the strains of flu active in recent years, but it certainly was not universally fatal.