Are there any energy medicine techniques that help with bipolar disorder?

Yes, but... The key to any problem is to find the causes. This includes all "mental" conditions. Energy medicine is poorly understood by most practitioners, and I am very cautious about receiving these types of therapies from most people. For the best information in this area, visit christine schenk's website and purchase a book or two. She also offers training and therapy sessions.

Related Questions

Which neurotransmitter is responsible for the high, excess energy of bipolar disorder?

Multiple associated. With most mental health disorders a single cause is unlikely to explain mania. Multiple neurotransmitters are implicated (associated or correlated) including: glutamate, serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, but enzymes, nervous system processes & brain regions, the genes that regulate the creation of the above plus trauma, stress and coping are involved as well. Primary & psychiatric tx is key.
Lithium helps. Lithium especially helps because it decrases depression. Other medications help but in a befeficial way and none of them give he high excess energy.

Can energy drinks calm people with add and bipolar disorder?

ADD maybe bipolar no. Caffeine is a stimulant that can have similar effect as add meds but this will potentially make bipolar sx worse.

Where will the energy come from when a person that suffers from bipolar disorder is having a manic episode?

Manic. One theory is excess flow of Dopamine & norepinephrine in brain.
Loss of Inhibition. When people have a manic episode they seem to shut down the inhibitory parts of the brain (the parts that recognize risk, that monitor for poor decisions) in the brain this switch from reflection to action without concern for the consequences results in an increase in activity, although the activity is often misdirected.
Not known. The energy is not energy, rather racing thoughts and lack of inhibition. Lots of questions as to why, but no real answers.