What are the drugs those can interact with pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a)?

Many. There is a long list of drugs that may interact. The main ones are azathioprine, methadone, stavudine, telbivudine and theophylline. You should take to your doctor to make sure that your curent medicines do not interact with pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a).
Pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) Pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) _ peginterferon alfa 2 a can interact with azathioprine, theophylline, methadone, telbivudine, tramadol, & HIV/AIDS medications.

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Any long term side effects from pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a)?

Usually not. In general, once you have finished your treatment with pegasys, (peginterferon alfa 2a) side effects/symptoms that you were having during treatment slowly disappear, but can take up to 6 months and in some instances 1 year although rare. It can result in autoimmune disorders, although this is also rare. I would discuss your concerns with your treating physician for other rare long term side effects.

What are some common side effects of pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a)?

Flu-like symptoms. Although Pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) has been known to make psychiatric symptoms worse and cause some problems with bone marrow suppression (anemia, low white count, low platelets), the most common side effect is flu-like symptoms.

What is the usual procedure for preparing and injecting pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a)?

Simple Steps. Simple steps but all need to be done and it is best to have formal treating by a health care provider before starting. Basically it involves preparing the syringe and then drawing up the medication. Next you will need to find a spot on your abdomen or thigh and then inject into a pinched segment of skin.

What are effects of pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a)?

Depends. From a hepatitis c treatment standpoint, using Pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) in combination with Ribavirin and a protease inhibitor can have dramatic treatment effect (i.e. Lead to cure of hepatitis c depending on the stage of your liver disease). Now "side-effects" can range from "flu-like" symptoms to lab abnormalities, depression, rash, GI symptoms, anxiety/irritability, insomnia, etc. Discuss with your doctor.

Long term after effect of pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) interferon?

Usually none. Most, if not all side effects usually resolve over 4-6 weeks. Rarely, some autoimmune conditions such as alopecia (loss of hair) if precipitated may not reverse.

Infergen use after pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) failure appropriate?

Not really. I am assuming you are asking about hepatits c treatment. Infergen is an old type of interferon. Data suggest that Infergen has little or no benefit after Pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) failure. There are new oral medications. These medications (pills) along with Pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) and Ribavirin has very good response rate, if you are infected with type I hepatitis c virus. Response rate is doubled from previous treatment.

What is the difference between pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) & peg-intron?

Size of the molecule. Pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) is larger size and comes in solution where as pegontron comes as powder that needs to be reconstituted with saline before administration. Efficacy wise, Pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) may be marginally better.