What can I expect at the birth?

Joy. Everyone is different, and some women have prolonged labor that can be difficult and very tiring, whereas others have a short labor that goes smoothly and is short. The good news is that in all cases, it is hopeful that you have a healthy bundle of joy that you will have to love and cherish for the rest of your life!
Labor pamphlet. A great over view pamphlet has a section on labor in this pamphlet on you and your baby: prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care- http://www. Acog. Org/publications/patient_education/ab005.Cfm.

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What can I expect in child birthing classes?

Depends. Its very dependent on what kind of class you are in. They vary based on their philosophy and the instructor. Bradley is all about a medication free birth and fairly anti-interventionalist / anti-medicine. Lamaze is a little radical than bradley. The hospital based course is likely to be supportive of hospital practices. All will give you similar information, with their own slants.
Content varies. The type & length of childbirth classes vary widely by hospital & region. A common practice is to divide the 4-6 wk course into main topics & some include a tour of local childbirth/delivery facilities. The lead educator often covers the stages of labor, types of anesthesia & variable factors that go into their use. Most address some issues of obstetric emergencies & response plus many more.

What can I expect at a home birth?

Possbile problems. Home births go fine 80% of the time. The problem becomes...What happens to the other 20%? The answer can be-fetal, or maternal, death! There are many ways to accomplish the goals of a home birth at the hospital, and still have the safety that a hospital brings. While home birth can be a wonderful experience, is it worth the risk?
Home birth. Most births go to completion without problems, however, labor and delivery complication are difficult to predict and if and when they do develop can have serious short and long-term ramifications. If you live in an industeralized country where resources are available, I would highly recommend you deliver in a hospital setting where expertise and resources are available.

What can I expect during an active birth?

Depends! This depends on what you mean by "active birth." the standard of care in medicine is the "active management of labor" which just means correcting or acting on problems that may arise to keep them from leading to harm. For example, position changes for any signs of the baby's heart rate not being normal or using medication if the uterine contraction rhythm is too irregular. Talk to your OB dr!
Lots. Discomfort from contractions. Emotions at their peak. Staff that is helpful and concerned. Ask questions and communicate so you understand what is happening. And at the end the most wonderful miracle of all- a beautiful baby.

What can I expect stopping birth control after taking it for 17 years?

Time will tell. It is impossible to know what you will experience. Most women will resume normal and regular cycles after stopping the pill - however women who are overweight are at increased risk of having irregular cycles due to problems suck as pcos. Again, only time will tell.

What can I expect with pyelonephritis during birth?

Depends. Hopefully you mean you had pyelonephritis earlier in pregnancy. If so, it should have no impact at all during delivery. It is a kidney infection treated with antibiotics. Once it has resolved then no special treatments or precautions need to be done during the actual delivery. If you are in labor now with a current kidney infection then antibiotics will need to be continued.
Antibiotic treatment. Your infection will be treated with antibiotics and your baby will be observed for signs of infection.