What are the symptoms of fibrocystic disease of the pancreas?

Fat Malabsorption. If you are referring to cystic fibrosis, the first signs of pancreatic insufficiency in children is the failure to thrive and passing fatty stool. This is due to the pancreas being unable to secrete the enzymes necessary for fat absorption in the small intestine; the pancreatic ducts become obstructed and fibrosed in the course of the disease.
Need more info. I would need more information to answer this. Are you asking in regards to an infant or child. Or an adult. It can be related to cystic fibrosis. If can be a chronic disease that affects the pancreas functioning . The pancreas functions to help regulate sugar level in the body and it secretes enzymes to help break down food. Fibrocystic disease may interfere with the normal job of the pancreas.