How does light therapy fix jaundice?

Reacts with light. The bilirubin in the patient's body absorbs energy in the blue range of the spectrum (420-470 nm lights are blue). As a result of absorbing this energy the bilirubin molecule is broken down and then metabolized and excreted in the urine or feces. Over time the bilirubin level will return to normal.
Excrete pigment into. The yellow pigment responsible for the jaundice in newborns is called indirect bilirubin which has high affinity to fat and is not water soluble. The bilirubins deposited under skin change its chemical nature when exposed to special light, i.e., water soluble, and get excreted through urine.

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I have a hh agency (new), peds & just had first time request for light therapy for newborn jaundice infant. What complications are there?

See below. Blue light therapy for jaundice is standard for breaking down the bilirubin that is being produced and seen in the skin and sclera. As long as the child's eyes are protected and hydration is monitored along with the bilirubin levels (by a health care professional), i fore see no complications as long as the bilirubin level is lowering and the child is not sick as well. Read more...
Light therapy . If the baby has cholestatic jaundice there is risk of "bronze baby" syndrome (they turn a dark gray color). If the baby has congenital erythropoietic porphyria they can develop blisters. (ask family history). Otherwise unless the family doesn't feed or change the baby while under lights the bigger risk is of not treating the jaundice. Read more...