What are normal results for a liver biopsy?

Liver biopsy. Abnormalities seen in liver biopsies might include: inflammation, fibrosis, changes in the portal (biliary) tracts, abnormal infiltrates (tumor or granulomas), presence of fat, changes in the hepatocytes, evidence of infection, storage disease or abnormal accumulations (eg iron overload), and vascular abnormalities to name a few. A completely normal liver biopsy shows none of the above!
Normal! You want the biopsy to read" normal architecture, hepatic cell appearance, no steatosid or fatty infiltration and normal blood vessel appearance, without inflammation or infiltrative process.

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What results can a liver biopsy determine?

Many things. The microscopic interpretation of a liver biopsy can tell you a type of disease that is present, whether there is tumor present or not, and a number of other disease entities, usually based on doing special stains or studies. However, liver enzymes are much more easily determined by serology (blood or serum) tests that do not require a liver biopsy.

On 2011 I have a liver biopsy but I stil have the same pain I have after the biopsy is that normal

Yes. A biopsy is not treatment, and probably no liver biopsy ever made a person feel physically better. They are undertaken to arrive at a diagnosis. I hope your physician discussed the results of the biopsy with you; since you did not share these here, perhaps the biopsy ruled out whatever serious disease was under consideration.
Many things. This might be many things. It could be adhesions that formed after the biopsy was taken if they went through your abdominal cavity to get it. It might be something else, like gallstones, or even pancreatitis, which might have caused the pain in the first place. But you won't know unless you see your doctor to get other tests to find out a possible cause. So see your doctor for a full work-up.

How soon will I learn the results of the liver biopsy?

Liver biopsy. Critical liver biopsy results can often have a preliminary result within a day, but a typical liver biopsy may take 2 days for results. Occasionally special studies may be required that delay a diagnosis for an additional couple of days.

Fiancee just got liver biopsy yesterday, for cirrosis, to see how severe it is, and he is in excrusiating pain, is this normal, and what would help?

Complication? Excruciating pain could indicate a complication such as bleeding. Contact the doctor immediately; or go to the nearest emergency department of your local hospital.

Does a normal liver biopsy rule out cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis. Yes, the purpose of a liver biopsy is to look for any inflammation or fibrosis (cirrhosis) of the liver. A normal liver biopsy mean you don't have cirrhosis.

If I have a uti, will it effect the results of a liver biopsy?

Unlikely. Having a urinary tract infection will likely not affect the results of a liver biopsy - however any infection, including your uti, should first be treated completely before undergoing a liver biopsy so as to prevent any complications.

I had a liver biopsy this mornin. I'm having some pains n my back & stomach. Is it normal to have these pains?

Yes if transient. Mild discomfort and pain following biopsy can be expected but if it is significant and does not taper off soon, you need to check back with your doctor.