Why would my doctor test my micro-albumin level?

For kidney function. Doesn't your doctor tell you why? Micro-albumin is most often checked for diabetics. Because if this test is elevated it is an early marker of damage to the kidneys.

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Albumin levels high? I am a 40 year old male. I recently took a urine test and saw that my albumin levels were high according to the lab results chart. The albumin level was 47. My doctor stated that they are a little elevated, but no to be concerned.

Albumin . Albumin is a protein. In general if our blood level of Albumin is high, it means we have good nutrition. Please be sure that you didn't have too much protein in your urine however, as this can mean that you have kidney disease which is more likely in you since you have diabetes. Please be sure the protein in your urine was not high. Read more...