How can I purge jaundice from my body?

Find the cause. Jaundice is due to accumulation of bilirubin that turns the skin/ conjunctiva yellow, it can be due to excessive breakdown of red blood cells ( sickle cell anemia), liver disease, blockage of the bile ducts, pancreatic disease, gall bladder disease etc..., treating the cause will lower the excess bilirubin.
Treat the cause. Jaundice comes from excess bilirubin in your system -- it turns your skin & eye conjunctivae yellow. Liver disease, blocked bile ducts, pancreatic & gall bladder disease, high breakdown of red blood cells (like with sickle cell anemia & others) can all contribute to jaundice. You need to work with your doctor to find & treat the cause.Newborns w/jaundice can use bili-lights, but this is different.