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Is it true that autoimmune hepatitis a connective tissue disorders?

No. Autoimmune hepatitis is your body's reaction to your own liver cells which causes inflammation (bruising) and fibrosis (scarring) of liver tissue. Other autoimmune illnesses may co-exist with this diagnosis.

What can be done for autoimmune hepatitis?

Medication. If you have autoimmune hepatitis, you should see a liver specialist. This disease can be treated with medication that suppress your immune system. If do not get treatment, the disease can progress and cause cirrhosis (extensive scarring of the liver) and eventual liver failure.

Autoimmune hepatitis not responding to medication?

Change. You may need to change to a different immunosuppressive regimen. If your liver specialist is not very experienced in treating this condition, you could consider getting a second opinion. If nothing works and your liver is failing a transplant could be an option.
Consider. A consultation with me. There are many treatment options available. Anytime treatment fails his can call a diagnosis into question. However, even with a secure diagnosis first line treatment can fail. If this fails there are second and third line therapies available.

What are the common complications of autoimmune hepatitis?

Untreated? Cirrhosis. Autoimmune hepatitis is treatable, and often complications can be prevented. There can be a relatively sudden onset of jaundice and malaise, but it does not always have symptoms at first. Untreated autoimmune hepatitis can lead to chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. Complications of cirrhosis can include edema (swelling), jaundice (yellowing of skin), liver cancer, many others.
Autoimmune hepatitis. Anemia, elevated portal hypertension, fluid in the abdomen, swollen blood vessels in the esophagus, liver failure, liver cancer.

What is the definition or description of: autoimmune hepatitis?

Anti-liver antibody. Autoimmune hepatitis (aih) is a disease caused by antibodies directed against liver cells. It can cause the liver to become inflamed and even lead to liver failure. Treatment can include steroids and immuran, powerful suppressors of the immune system.
INFLAMED LIVER. Normally our immune system is our body's army. It attacks harmful trespassers like viruses and bacteria that cause infections. Autoimmune hepatitis is one of the diseases when our army gets confused and attacks the liver causing inflammation. I call it a "friendly fire" disease. Other examples of these include rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Is autoimmune hepatitis fatal?

Can be. If left untreated, autoimmune hepatitis can progress to liver failure. If in liver failure, it will be fatal unless you have a liver transplant. However, you can prevent progression of the disease with medications.

How do doctors diagnose autoimmune hepatitis?

Blood tests. There are blood tests to detect the antibodies attacking the liver. Further tests/procedures may be needed to confirm that the problem is not something else (such as primary biliary cirrhosis).

Is a ketosis diet harmful with my autoimmune hepatitis?

Ketosis diet. It can be dangerous. Check with our team there. If is not wise to ask a stranger (even a Dr) these types of questions as you did not give enough information. Happy to do 2nd opinion.