Should I be concerned about a high alkaline phosphatase level?

Needs evaluation. Alkaline phosphatase is produced by many tissues, including bone and the biliary system. A high alkaline phosphatase can be an indicator of bone disorders or liver/gall bladder/pancreatic diseases and should be evaluated. In some cases of mild elevation, no problem is found.
Yes. Alkaline phosphatase is primarily used to screen for problems with the liver-gallbladder and bone. A high level can indicate problems with either area. You need to discuss this in detail with whatever physician ordered the test.

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Doctor have migraine headache from 12yrs and elevated alkaline phosphatase level of about 370 iu? Treatment dr

Let's sort out. Your alkaline phosphatase could be elevated due to bone or liver. Therefore preventative meds should be devoid of bad effects to these organs. Some drugs cause osteoporosis, and others are metabolized through liver. Would suggest safest approach using otc preps such as butterbur, feverfew, coq-10, or riboflavin. Read more...

Can a stomach virus/bug on the day I did bloodwork cause an elevated alkaline phosphatase level? All other values in range and I have hep b.

How elevated? All laboratory results need to be interpreted in the clinical context and the doctor who ordered the tests is usually in the best position to do that. Having said that, GI lesions can raise alkaline phosphatase, but more common causes are disease in the liver and bone. It would be helpful for you to discuss it with your doctor. Read more...

Why would alkaline phosphatase level be low?

No reason. There are ranges of "normal" for each blood test done. These may be different from one lab to other, depending on the type testing done and reliability of lab. Also, if a specific test is very abnormal and doesn't make sense clinically to the doc, it's probably lab error: just repeat it. That being said, low levels on many tests are not a problem: alk phosphatase is one. 'fagetabatit'-:). Read more...