Why would I need a hida scan?

Cystic duct blockage. Hida scans are used to evaluate for a cystic duct blockage after imaging when ultrasound is unrevealing.
Multiple reasons. Hida scans help in several ways. They can show whether the gallbladder duct is obstructed or whether the liver duct is obstructed. They are also commonly used to evaluate the function of the gallbladder by estimating the ejection fraction. I would say that the hida is most commonly performed nowadays to assess the function of the gallbladder. This test almost always follows an ultrasound.
After US, chronic Sx. Gallbladder (gb) us is usually first. If that is normal and symptoms persist, or if it has some findings but is not completely abnormal, then a hida may be ordered. 2 forms 1. Hida scan -will determine if the cystic duct to the gb is obstructed - acute vs. Chronic cholecystitis. 2. Hida with cck - which also includes a hormone injection to see if gb empties like it should.
Gall bladder? Usually if having symptoms of abdominal pain usually right upper abdomen sometimes7 related to eating fatty foods. Hida tests for gall bladder disease.
HIDA. Hida is usually performed to rule out cystic duct obstruction (acute cholecystitis) or common bile duct obstruction. Sometimes gallbladder ejection fraction is calculated to assess for more chronic conditions and gallbladder dysfunction.