What will be the effect of overdose on midrin (apap/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene)?

Liver failure, coma. An overdose of apap (acetaminophen) can kill a liver and lead to liver transplant. Dichloralphenazone overdose can lead to coma.Anyone who discovers he/she has overdosed should go to er or call 911.I urge strongly anyone considering purposefully overdosing on any medication to call 1-800-273-8255 immediately(national suicide prevention lifeline); life can get better, regardless of how it may feel.
Nausea , confusion . This medication is a combination of three agents that together is useful in treating migraines. An acetimenophen overdose relates to serious liver damage. The o ther agents in the "combination drug" are sedative and vasoconstrictive which can cause drowsiness or confusion. Midrin is only to be taken as needed with a daily limit. It should not be taken on a schedulesd basis .