What are the reasons for my alkaline phosphatase level becoming low?

Low alk phos (ALP) Deficiencies in vitamin b6, folic acid, vitamin c, phosphorus, zinc, and protein can lead to low alp as well as an excessive intake of vitamin d. Hypophosphatasia, a rare genetic disorder affecting bone development, can cause low alp. other conditions associated with low alp include cardiac surgery,  hypothyroidism, and pernicious anemia.
Loss of liver energy. Low alkaline phosphatase shows liver is very weak and the minerals are depleted - which is usually due to cadmium and other heavy metal toxicity. Need liver detox and nutrients to boost liver energy.

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Why would alkaline phosphatase level be low?

No reason. There are ranges of "normal" for each blood test done. These may be different from one lab to other, depending on the type testing done and reliability of lab. Also, if a specific test is very abnormal and doesn't make sense clinically to the doc, it's probably lab error: just repeat it. That being said, low levels on many tests are not a problem: alk phosphatase is one. 'fagetabatit'-:). Read more...