How can you lower your sgpt and sgot levels?

Liver or muscle ? If you are taking cholesterol pills ...Lower the dose or stop them, and recheck levels. Otherwise the most common cause is prob. "fatty liver" ( in even mild overweight, in diabetics or metabolic syndrome) if the numbers are less than 100 and you have had them for several weeks or months. A liver ultrasound will confirm it. There is no proven treatment. Get tested for hepatitis a, b and c. Muscle?
Address the reason. Stgp (= alt = alanine aminotransferase) & SGOT (=ast =aspartate aminotransferase), are commonly elevated in liver disease (sometimes muscle disease or other). If high, this suggests liver injury and it is important to treat underlying reasons. I tell my patients to stop alcohol and nutritional supplements as first step in finding out the reason for the elevation. Further workup may be needed.
NAC. To bring down liver enzymes use nac, milk thistle, b vitamins, co-q 10 - check enzymes every month and adjust dosage.