How much time does it take to receive results from fine needle biopsy?

1-2 days, typically. This answer is dependent on the kind of needle biopsy being performed. For instance, if it is a needle biopsy yielding cores of tissue (histology), then it usually takes 1-2 working days to get a final diagnosis. If it is a fine needle aspiration biopsy yielding fluid (cytology), the turnaround time may be shorter since fewer steps are necessary to prepare slides for microscopic examination.

Related Questions

What should I expect with a fine needle biopsy of my thyroid? What are the possible tumors or results?

Well tolerated. Many times we biopsy nodules seen on ultrasound. Most are benign. If a cancer is seen, most of the time it is papillary, and treatable with thyroidectomy and lymph node removal. There can be follicular cells seen, which usually results in removal of one side of the thyroid, as you can't tell for sure if its noncancerous follicular cells on fna. Rarely, they dont get enough cells to tell.

Should my mom take us-guided fine needle biopsy for detection of a possible suspected gallbladder cancer?

YES. No meat no treat. If there is no tissue biopsy done to establish/confirm the diagnosis, it will difficult to start anybody of treatment like chemotherapy. Other option if possible is to remove the gallbladder. Discuss with your surgical oncologist /oncologist the best way to do.
Depends. If it is a needle biopsy of the gall bladder itself than most providers just take out the gall bladder vice just a needle biopsy of course every person has individual issues that complicate a blanket statement. If the biopsy is an area outside the gall bladder like a lymph node of liver then it is a good idea.
Follow MD's advice. There in insufficient information to provide an informed opinion. Please follow the advice of your doctor who knows your mom better.
Ask? I would always follow the advice of your doctors. But you may want to ask if their suspicion is high enough to just warrant a cholecystectomy.

I've had a fine needle biopsy of a lymph node behind my jaw. I was told preliminary results are normal but staining is still required. What is stain 4?

Special tests. Routine processing of tissues and cells is generally completed in about 2 days. However, sometimes additional investigation is needed. A general term is special stains. It is a routine and usually needed process for some tissues, especially lymph nodes.

How accurate is a fine needle biopsy?

Very Accurate. An article from baylor in 2000 looked at more than 6000 patients who underwent thyroid fna biopsy. Sensitivity and specificity values of thyroid fna were 93% and 96%. The current nci classification: 1) nondiagnostic fna samples, 2) benign lesions, 3) malignant lesions, 4 atypia/follicular lesion of undetermined significance, 5) suspicious for a follicular lesion. Most common result benign.

What does a fine needle biopsy feel like?

A pin prick. Most fnaers numb the area on the skin above a thyroid nodule with xylocaine (lidocaine) using a very fine grade needle so that the larger needle will not be felt.

What should I expect with a fine needle biopsy?

Benign or malignant. An fna of a thyroid nodule can tell with great accuracy whether the nodule is cancerous and what type of cancer it is.

Has anyone had a fine needle biopsy of a nodule?

Yes. It is a relatively painless technique for diagnosing a nodule. Depending upon the location of the nodule, it is often combined with a radiologic method to confirm correct needle placement, ie, ultrasound, ct. The main drawback is that it only yields cells for evaluation; core needle biopsy will obtain tissue but some nodules are too vascular to permit a core biopsy, ie, thyroid nodules.