What effects does cirrhosis have outside the liver?

Many. The liver makes a number of substances, like the protein Albumin in our blood, clotting factors to allow our blood to clot ok, and it "detoxes" us from toxins we either take in or make naturally. Without it working well, protein levels go down, we accumulate toxins, and we have abnormal bruising/bleeding. It also backs up pressure into veins that can bleed in the gullet, causes edema and abd fluid.
Multiple. Enlarged spleen, esophageal varices (distended veins in the esophagus that can bleed, sometimes profusely) jaundice (yellow skin), edema (localized swelling) or anasarca (whole body swelling) or ascites (belly distended with large amounts of fluid inside), confusion from build-up of ammonia, impotence, growth of breast tissue in men, bad breath, distended veins on the abdomen (caput medusa), more.