How many years you can live with cirrhosis?

It depends... The cause of liver cirrhosis has a lot to do with the answer to your question. Patients may live for many years with proper treatment and monitoring. However, there are fulminant forms of cirrhosis for which life expectancy without a transplant is weeks, months at best. Proper diagnosis and evaluation will chart the course for both treatment and prognosis.
Highly variable. Cirrhosis is not like pregnancy - you are, or you aren't. It is a continuum ranging from very mild scarring to a liver that is shrunken and has become 90% scar. If the process causing it (like alcohol abuse, or hepatitis or primary biliary cirrhosis) is stopped with medication or sobriety from alcohol at a time when the damage is mild, you can live normal lifespan. More scarring, shorter life.

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How many years you can live if your cirrhosis is not treated?

Depends. How many years you can live cirrhosis will depend on how far along in the progression of liver tissue scarring. Life expectancy with cirrhosis is estimated to be about 15 to 20 years if cirrhosis is detected in the initial stage, and about 6 to 10 years in the second stage. These patients have enough time to undergo liver transplant. The life expectancy is about 1-3 years in the last stage. Read more...
Depends. On the cause and the severity. If it is alcoholic cirrhosis, stopping drinking can allow an individual who might otherwise live 1-2 years to live 5-10 years or more. If it is hepatitis c or b, not treating means the inflammation continues and the cirrhosis worsens, which will shorten your life. The average lifespan after cirrhotic patients develop symptoms is less than 10 years without treatment. Read more...