What are the parts of the body cirrhosis affected by cirrhosis?

Many. Many parts of the body are affected by cirrhosis. The more important parts include the following: brain - cirrhosis can cause confusion or "encephalopathy." esophagus - cirrhosis can cause varices which can bleed. Abdomen - cirrhosis can cause abdominal swelling or "ascites." liver - cirrhosis can cause cancer of your liver. Muscles - cirrhosis can cause "muscle wasting" or weakness.
The liver. It is primarily a liver disease, but as the liver gets scarred more and more, blood backs up into channels in the rectum (hemorrhoids) and the gullet (esophageal varices) that can bleed and cause severe harm/death. Fluid also backs up into the abdominal cavity and feet (ascites and edema), and ascites can get infected and cause severe illness. The spleen also gets larger and can cause problems.