What are the liver diseases related to alcohol abuse?

Several. It could be an acute inflammation ("alcoholic hepatitis") to more chronic and serious conditions such as alcoholic cirrhosis and hepatocarcinoma (liver cancer).
Various. Alcohol-associated liver diseases include alcoholic hepatitis (inflammation), fatty liver, and cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is extensive irreversible liver damage/scarring. Complications of cirrhosis include liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma), jaundice, large amount of fluid retention and swelling, and death. Any form of alcohol-related liver disease is an indication to stop drinking alcohol.

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How much alcohol abuse does it take for the onset of liver disease?

Alcohol consequences. Some people are resilient and can absorb a lot withut results till late. But mental consequences are disastrous to self and family and to all your loved ones. It is deadly inherited and younger generations suffer much more than the first gen, from schizophrenia and severe mental problems along with alcoholism. Autism also is a result on kids, adhd, disabling anxiety. Treat now.

Please advise! How much alcohol abuse does it take for the onset of liver disease or symptoms of?

Depends on. Your ability to detoxify alcohol. Certain people have inefficient enzymes and can get liver damage and GI cancers with even small amounts of alcohol, while others seem to be spared. Moderation, especially with alcohol, is important.

My dad has liver disease caused by alcohol abuse, he gets better than worse, is this normal?

Yes. Unfortunately, unless he is followed by a gastroenterologist, he will have problems. This is usually associated with delirium, often caused by elevated ammonia levels. Make sure, also, that he is not drinking at all.

I have liver disease from alcohol abuse and did quit. I started drinking beer. Now I have blood in my urine. What could be wrong?

Step-by-step. Here's a way to evaluate your urine issue before you see a doctor - but that's what will give you a clear answer. Http://www. Drugs. Com/symptom/blood-in-the-urine-in-men-1.html Also - please realize that beer counts as alcohol. And, if you drink lots, it counts as a lot of it. Liver disease can darken urine, but it's not the likely cause of red blood. Hope it's nothing big. Be well.
Bladder or kidney. The bleeding could be from from the kidneys or the bladder. Make sure you go see your doctor for evaluation as soon as possible.

Can alcohol abuse harm other organs than just your liver?

Yes, a lot! Alcohol, when used excessively, can cause damage to the brain, heart, nerves, blood, bone marrow, hormones and many other things! It also is known to be a risk factor for cancer of many other organs.
Alcohol damage. Definitely. Pancreas. Stomach. Esophagus. Mouth and throat. Nerve branches. Brain. Heart muscle. Bone marrow.

What are the causes of cirrhosis of the liver besides alcohol abuse?

See below. Infection with hepatitis b and/or c and non-alcoholic fatty liver associated with obesity are other common causes. See this site for more info. Http://www. Webmd. Com/digestive-disorders/cirrhosis-liver.