Is it safe to take antidepressants while pregnant?

Meds while pregnant . The "ssri" antidepressant have been studied in pregnancy and were thought to be generally safe. However they can still can effect the baby. But there is growing evidence that untreated depression has risks of its own. Non medication based treatment should be considered but please speak to your doc to weigh out the risks vs benefits for you and the baby. Good luck.
Usually. This is a risk-benefit decision must be made between yourself and your physician. The risk varies by antidepressant, but the majority of the data indicate many antidepressants are likely safe in pregnancy. A resource that puts this into context is: http://www.Womensmentalhealth.Org/specialty-clinics/psychiatric-disorders-during-pregnancy/.
No. All the current antidepressants have been associated with increased jitteriness in the baby, increased chances of baby going to intensive care unit because of mild breathing issues. In addition, there is a rare but serious problem called primary pulmonary hypertension that can develop. You should talk to your OB and therapist to see if you can handle stopping the antidepressants.