What are signs of heart palpitations?

Palpitations. Palpitations are an awareness of your heart beating, since most of the time we are not aware of our heart. This can be due to a fast heart rate, a slow heart rate, or an irregular heart rate. This can also happen in times of stress or anxiety. There really isn't a good way to diagnose it but they are usually benign if your heart is structurally normal. Would discuss with your primary physician.
Palpitations. There is really no sign of palpitations -- but the results of palpitations may include fainting and black-outs -.

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Is it normal for a 28 yr old with no known medical conditions to have random heart palpitations? Is it a bad sign?

Very common. Palpitation may be very common at your age group and may not necessarily indicate a real heart problem. Despite this, if they are very frequent, it could be related to a very benign cardiac arrythmia (abnormal heart rhythm) which can easily be treated. It maybe advisable to see someone if they are very frequent.
Need attension. Not normal to be having palpitations with out cause. Need evaluation ANS to what and why u have the symptoms. Ekg holter monitor or event monitor may help to clarify the issue.
Hard to say... There are many types of heart palpitations. Most aren't serious but it's impossible to know for sure until you get an ekg while having palpitations. If they don't last long then you can wear a heart monitor that records your ekg when it happens. It could be caused by stress, low magnesium, low blood sugar or food allergy reactions but often the cause remains unknown. Usually treatment isn't needed.

I have all the signs of anemia, but I'm worried about my heart palpitations. I do have gastritis, how does that make anemia more likely to be present?

More info is needed. Unless your heart palpitations have been evaluated by a cardiologist, you must do this first! Gastritis and anemia may be treated as well, but concentrate on your heart issue first. Stress may also contribute to palpitations. Good luck!
Stressor. Gastritis, menstruation, hemorrhoids etc can cause blood loss and chronic anemia. This is a stressor on the heart. The heart senses the blood loss with not only volume loss but blood carries oxygen too. So the heart try's to circulate the blood it does have as quickly as possible. This can precipitate an arrhythmia.