What are the traits of the murmur of mitral insufficiency?

Harsh, Blowing. Mitral valve prolapse is commonly caused by rheumatic heart disease. The murmur is harsh, blowing, and holosystolic radiating from the apex of the heart to the axilla. It has a characteristic midsystolic click. It is often asymptomatic but can cause difficulty breathing at night, with exertion, or when laying down. Diagnosis is made with an echocardiogram.
Systolic. It's holosystolic murmur that's loudest in the left lateral part of the chest and in the left axilla, louder with hand grip.
Mitral regurgitation. Is typically a holo systolic murmur best heard at the left lower sternal border or apex.

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Had a murmur, My echo says I have trace to mild mitral regurgitation in one valve. Normal weight, lipids, bp, glu. Reason to f/u with cardiology?

Not really. Trace to mild regurgitation on echocardiogram is likely not the cause of your auscultated "murmur" as that would be very hard to hear. I suspect your doctor thought there was a murmur, and it turns out not to be clinically significant. If you are truly asymptomatic: no SOB, no chest pain, etc., then no need for cardio based on this finding alone. As for preventative care, ensure lipids really norm. Read more...