What can I eat if I have low blood pressure?

Low blood pressure. Depends on how low you are talking about. Most people that say they have low blood pressure mean that they are normal but their pressure is on the low side of normal. If your pressure is abnormally low you need to be under medical care. A healthy well balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, nuts, grass bed beef, bison, chicken, wild salmon, walnuts, almond milk, rice milk should keep you well.
Salt. Salt and increased fluid intake are recommended to healthy patient with normal heart function and no evidence of hormonal imbalance to help with low blood pressure, 20-30 mmhg compression stockings are also helpful in certain situations.

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Why when I stand up after sitting does my vision become fuzzy, go black and a few seconds later rerurn? I have low blood pressure and don't eat meat

Hypotension. You have postural hypotension, in which your sudden standing up doesn't allow enough time for your heart to pump hard or fast enough to get blood to your head. This is what make you feel dizzy, blurry or even tunnel vision during these episodes. It's best to standup more slowly & wait till you feel ok before moving. You should have your MD check your BP/heart & blood counts to make sure you're ok.

Please suggest what food can you eat if you have low blood pressure?

Normal healthy food. A normal healthy diet would be recommended. Some would say that a person with quite low blood pressure wouldn't necessarily have to watch their salt intake as much as a person with higher blood pressure or with hypertension. If a person has symptoms from very low blood pressure, ensuring a good hydration state and liberalizing salt intake is sometimes recommended.

Is it okay to eat candy for emergency if you have low blood pressure?

Low Blood sugar? Low blood sugar or low blood pressure? Food can help to raise blood sugar levels.
Not related. Do you mean low blood surgar. If your blood pressure is low, a doctor should evaluate this because it could mean underlying health issues such as anemia and heart disease. If you are a diabetic, glucose tablets are available for low blood sugar usually due to insulin overdose and control issues.

I eat Celtic Sea Salt and Redmond Real Salt and have low blood pressure and its normal I think only table salt that is processed is bad for us! Do you?

Salt is Salt. Salt is NaCl (Sodium Chloride). The other "salts" contain various amounts of other minerals like magnesium, potassium and others. This affects their taste not their function. "Processed" salt sometimes contains Iodine. Any salt is not "bad" for us. It is actually a necessary nutrient. Excessive salt can be harmful for some people. Processed or not is essentially irrelevant.

What are the food to eat for a low blood pressure person?

A few things to... Keeping ideal body weight, eat healthy/no added salt, aerobic exercise regularly 4-5x/wk, reduce daily stresses, sleep well, and don't smoke etc. These are so called modifiable risk factor-you can't change genetic. Look up the dash-diet regimen (google it). Treat medical condition (chol, diabetes etc) well. If these fail to adequately lower your BP to less than 140/90, consult your doc. Good luck.

How can I reduce the symtons of low blood pressure? Anything I could eat?

Salt. If you have chronic low blood pressure, you should increase the salt in your diet. The world has far too much salt consumption on the average but if your pressure is always low you can do that.

My mom has low blood pressure. Is there anything she can eat to help her? Anything natural?

Raise BP. One can raise his BP by ingesting more sodium chloride (salt) or by eating or drinking more caffeine containing foods (chocolate) or liquids (coffee). However, since I don't know your mom's medical condition, I wouldn't institute such measures without her physician's advice.
Depends on cause. Does she have symptoms? If dizziness isn't a problem, then she may not need anything. Otherwise, increasing fluid and salt intake will usually drive up a person's bp--that's why we try to limit salt for people with the more common problem of high bp. Usually not hard to increase your salt intake, but she should definitely discuss with her md to make sure there are no concerns with this approach.

Is having low blood pressure at 19 bad? I get extremely light headed & dizzy. When I feel like it's lower I feel sicker. I eat good and drink fluids.

Yes. You have symptoms associated with the low blood pressure. Good to hear you are drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet. I would see your MD for an orthostatic blood pressure test and if it's positive consider seeing a Cardiologist for a tilt table test. Sometimes people with low blood pressure with symptoms may require medication to stabilize it.