What can be used for low blood pressure?

Cause? Depends on the cause of your low bp. Dehydration? Blood loss? Diabetes? Medications? Check with your doctor, but if you are symptomatic and all major problems are ruled out, then increasing salt intake or taking a steroid that increases salt and water retention, like fludricortisone (florinef) can help, just don't stop taking it abruptly! And take it under doctor supervision w/ a prescription!
Wow your lucky! "low" blood pressure can be complicated - if your a 'normal' person - young and healthy and maybe get lightheaded in the hot tub - enjoy your 'low' blood pressure - your the envy of everyone over 50! if you have a specific condition causing it - let us know so we can answer you in a specific manner!

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What are the medication that are used to treat low blood pressure?

Several. There are many ways to treat hypotension. First is salt repletion, either through salt rich drinks such as Gatorade, etc. Other options include increasing salt in the diet or even taking salt pills. There are adrenal hormones that can cause salt retention thus achieving the same goal, namely fludrocortisone (Flurinef). A newer agent (been out on the market several years) is midodrine.