What are some of the causes of hypotension?

Many. Volume depletion/dehydration, medications, sepsis, infection, blood loss, cardiac shock and many others.
Hypotension. Hypotension implies a decreased peripheral vascular resistance, decreased intravascular volume and/or inadequate cardiac force generation in systole. Normal pressure has adequate amounts of all these to result in a normal pressure range. Decrease in one or all contributes to hypotension.

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What are some drugs that cause hypotension after surgery?

Several. Any of the drugs that are used to treat hypertension can cause hypotension. Diuretics for instance cause an increase in urine flow and can lead to hypotension. But more importantly, if a patient has a low blood pressure following surgery, one should consider that the patient may be bleeding. Also some medicines used to control pain or anxiety could lead to hypotension. Read more...